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5 Types Of Online Freebies

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Since the birth of the internet, there are so many freebies and free stuff available for online junkies. Believe it or not! There are many different types of freebies. Some of them require you to buy something or others do not. Read below the types of freebies available and find out how you can take advantage of these free offers.

Free Gift with Purchase
There are some companies that will offer you a free gift or free gift wrapping. However the only catch is, you must buy spend a certain amount or buy a certain item. Usually, these free gifts compliment the item that you purchased. A contact len store may offer a free contact case with a purchase of contact lenses or a clothing store may offer a beach bag. Another popular freebie which is usually offered around special occasions and holidays is free gift wrapping. When is a gift is professionally wrapped, it looks great and will save you time.

Be careful with the free gift with purchase, free gifts will benefit you if you are interested in the products. Never buy something just for the gift, or you will be wasting money.

Buy One Get One Free
The buy one get one free offer is a great freebie deal because you are getting another item that would interest you for free. For example, shoe stores are known for buy one shoe and get one free, and also gourmet food stores may have buy a gourmet entree and get one free. When encountering the buy one get one free freebie, you can use the free item for you or give it as a gift for someone else. This is a great way to purchase something you enjoy and save money on gifts.

Free Trial
When finding a free trial offer, you should take advantage of it if you have a use for the product. Free trials allow you to test the product before you commit to purchasing it. Therefore, you can determine if you like it or not. Some popular free trials are online dating services, rentals (movies or videogames), magazine subscriptions, and beauty products.

If you are interested in a free trial, be sure to keep track of when your trial ends. This way, you can determine whether you should buy the product.

Win Free Stuff
It's always fun to be the selected winner of a contest, and with contest there is usually no purchase necessary. By winning stuff for free, you can get great prizes without spending money except for taxes of course. Some great types of contests are shopping sprees and winning free trips and giveaways. For most of these free contests, you only have to give basic info such as name and email. However if you are worried about receiving spam mail, use a one of your junk mail accounts this way you wouldn't have to go through unnecessary email on a daily basis. You can sign up for a free email accounts through popular search engines and websites.

Absolutely Free
There are of course things on the internet that you can get for free without purchases, free trials, or contests. Some examples are free profiles and registrations for dating sites, free webpages for baby announcements, free vacation DVDs, or free downloaded music. The reason why these stores offer absolutely free stuff is because they are hoping that you would purchase from them in the near future. By getting absolutely free stuff, both you and the store benefits.

Online Store Coupon has a free fun stuff section, which is dedicated to give you freebies and free stuff sample. So, check out the different types of free stuff mentioned in the article such as free gifts with purchase, buy one get one free, free trials, win free stuff, and absolutely free stuff.

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