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Classic Shoes That Never Go Out Of Style

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Tired of spending too much money on the latest shoe trends? There are basic styles of shoes that are in style every year. If you purchase these basic shoes, you will be fashionable year after year and can save money by not buying the latest trends.

Basic 1-2 inch pumps
A neutral basic pump works very well at the office or a night out on the town. Basic pumps can get you through the warm weather as well as the cold weather. When shopping for a pump, look for a plain one with a one to two inch heel in black, brown, or tan. You will be surprised how many times you will be wearing them.

Black Knee High Boots
Treat your self to a pair of knee high boots, which are perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Knee high boots look great with longer and medium length skirts and dresses. You can put them under pants and crop pants for a fall look. Or, you can put them over your pants for a trendy riding boot look. When choosing knee high boots, you want black ones with 2 to 4 inch heels. Look for boots that are plain with very little embellishments, so you can get more wear out of them.

Essential Flats
Flats are great for women who don't want to wear high heels, and they look great with casual skirts, dresses, and jeans. You can also wear them to the office under a nice pair of slacks or skirt. Before you purchase flats, make sure they are plain with very few embellishments. You can stick to the basic black, brown, or tan, or expand your neutrals to a gold or silver.

Classic White Sneakers
Sneakers are comfortable shoes that you can exercise, complete your errands, finish your household work, etc. Sneakers are perfect with casual pants, jeans, and shorts. Sometimes, you can even wear them with casual dresses or skirts. When shopping for sneakers, look for a classic sneaker that fits well. Always try on your sneakers and walk around with them before you start any vigorous activity. If the treads at the bottom of your sneakers are worn, it's time for a new pair.

Strappy Evening Heels
Every girl's best friend is a pair of open toe, strappy evening heels. Evening shoes can be really uncomfortable to wear at times, so make sure you get a pair of comfortable evening shoes. This way, you would not become the woman walking around without shoes or being carried to your destination. Look for evening shoes that will match the majority of your dressy outfits. If you wear more black to formal events, then you definitely want black shoes. However if this is not the case, brown or tan shoes would be fine.

Fun Sandals
Sandals are great for hot days and can be worn to picnic, barbeques, vacation or the beach. You can wear anything with sandals from swimsuits to a pair of jeans. When you look for new sandals, you want a classic thong since it never has gone out of style. Look for your sandal in black or neutral colors, so you can wear them with anything.

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