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Features to Look For When Shopping For a Coffee Maker

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There are so many different styles, brands, and prices for coffee makers. Don't let the complex buttons and complicated gadgets fool you. When buying a coffee maker, it's better to look for certain features such as easy controls, pod compatibility, thermal coffee pots, and a drip free spout.

Easy Controls
A good coffee maker comes with a programmable timer and an automatic shut off. First, a programmable timer will automatically start brewing at a designated time. There is no longer a need to start a coffee maker manually. When you wake up and start your day, you don't have to worry about running to the coffee maker the first thing in the morning. Instead, you can leisurely take your time to get ready and have a hot coffee of coffee waiting for you before you head out the door. Secondly, the automatic shut off will stop brewing the coffee to prevent hot water from dripping into the pot (which makes coffee less flavorful) or on someone's hand.

Pod Compatibility
One of the latest innovations in coffee makers are coffee pod inserts. Instead of measuring or spilling coffee, these coffee pods are made from compressed coffee bean, which makes a perfect cup of coffee minus the mess.

Thermal Coffee Pots
You want a coffee maker that comes with a thermal coffee pot, so your coffee will stay warm. A thermal coffee pot is specially designed to keep the hot air in and the cold air out.

Drip Free Spout
Another important feature you want in coffee pot that should be included in a coffee maker is a drip free spout. When you pour a cup of coffee with a drip free spout, it prevents the coffee from spilling onto people and other household objects. In other words, you can serve the coffee more easily because you don't have to worry about scolding others.

Now, you know what to look for when purchasing a coffee maker. But, where do you find a coffee maker with all of these features. Illy USA has a coffee maker with easy controls (programmable timer and automatic shut off), pod compatibility, thermal coffee pots, and a drip free spout. In addition to the coffee maker, Illy USA has delicious dark and medium roast coffee for the coffee lover. You can also browse through Illy USA espresso machines, French press and moka pots, and coffee grinders.

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