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Meeting Singles Who Are Compatible With You

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When looking for the right one, you want someone who is compatible to your personality and lifestyle. There are certain traits that compliment one another and others that completely disharmonized. You don't want to find someone that is cookie cutter version of you or someone who is the polar opposite. Therefore, you want someone with certain traits that are similar to you and other traits that are different.

How do you figure out if you want opposite or similar traits in your mate?
First, write down all of your personality and lifestyle traits such as communication style, physical activity level, work ethics, etc. Just think about anything that is important to you. Then, look at each trait and write down the type of person that would be compatible. You want to look at both ends of the spectrum such as the same trait or even opposites. For example if you are an introvert, would another introvert or the opposite person - an extrovert be compatible with you? You may be more compatible with an extrovert since he/she can do most of the talking. Otherwise with two introverts, no one will start the conversation. On the other hand if you like more outdoor sports and fitness activities, would you be compatible with someone who is a fitness mogul or a coach potato? In this case, you want someone with a similar activity level because not many coach potatoes find pleasure in cross country biking.

What happens if both the same and the opposite compliment your trait?

In this case, you can go either way with this. For example if you have light color hair, you don't have to find with someone who also has little color hair or even dark. You can be compatible with both or choose either one depending on your preference.

After you look at each trait and write something that compliments it, you have a better understand who would be compatible with you and can start your search to find that special someone.

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