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Contact Len Safety Tips

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Your cornea, which is the clear front portion of your eye that helps you to see, must be taken care of when you wear contact lenses. Otherwise, you can develop a condition of abnormal growth of the cornea's blood vessels, which can lead to eye infections and complications. Before you place your next contact len over your cornea, follow these safety tips below.

Don't Use Costume Contact Lenses
Some people like to have their eyes change different colors for special occasions such as Halloween, night out on the town, etc. It's fun to have your eyes change to other colors like purple, yellow, or red or other types of shapes like snake eyes, dollar signs, and flowers. However, this could really harm your eyes. Color contact lenses have been proven to reduce oxygen from reaching the cornea. When this happens, someone can serious eye infections or complications. If you really want to have your eyes appear in different colors or shapes, talk to your doctor to get the proper prescription for these contact lenses. Otherwise, throw your costume contact lenses in the garbage.

Wear Your Contact Lenses When You Should
Read what the manufacturers suggest for the length of time you should wear your contact lenses. Never wear your contact lenses longer than you should. If you have any questions about the length of time you should wear your contact lenses or your eye health, always ask your eye doctor.

Clean Your Contact Lenses Properly
Good contact len hygiene is important to prevent eye complications. Always store your contact lenses in a clean, sterile environment. If you need to clean your contact lenses, use contact len solution, but never use your saliva or water. If you contact len falls out of your eye, never put it back in your eyes unless you cleaned it with contact solution. It is a good idea to bring extra contact len solution and case with you at all times. You can store them in your car, briefcase, backpack, or purse. Otherwise if you put a dirty len in your eye, you could get bacteria in your eyes, which cause eye infections and complications.

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