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5 Delightful Ways to Decorate Your Little Girl's Room

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When you bring home your little sugar and spice baby girl, you want to have a room fit for a little princess with adorable bedding, furniture, and décor. You want to pick a theme and stick to it, so you are not spending too time constantly changing the décor.

Ocean and Beach
Think seashells, fishes, dolphins, sand, and waves when decorating an ocean or a beach theme girls room. You want to stick to a pale blue and yellow color palette to represent the ocean and sand. Accompany any beach and ocean accessories with ocean and beach bedding and furniture.

You can pick softer pale colors or bright flowers from the 60's retro era. If you prefer softer pale colors, you want to have more natural looking flowers such as daisies, posies, and tulips with soft pinks, yellows, and blues. However if you like the retro 60's bright colors, you want oversized flowers with bright purples, greens, yellows, and oranges. Then, your little girl can imagine skipping through a garden or channel her inner creativity.

Stars and Moons
Have your little girl gaze at the stars and the moons in her own room. Similar to the beach theme, you want soft blues and yellows to enhance the night sky and moons and stars. You can also compliment moon and star bedding and furniture with cute moon and star pillows.

Princesses and Castles
Every little girl wants to be treated like a princess, so why not create her room like a castle. You want to purchase sheets and comforters with soft pinks and blues castles and girly patterns. With a princess theme, your little girl would feel treated like a princess.

Country Patchwork
With creative and multiple patterns and lace waved together, country patchwork is a unique theme for your little girl. Get quilts and multiple sheets each with different patterns to incorporate a country patchwork look. You still want to stick to soft pale colors and consider putting patches of denim in the mix for a girly country look.

After deciding on a theme, you should purchase the bedding and furniture that would be your foundation of decorating girls room. There are a few stores that specialize in baby furniture and decor such as: Nursey Depot and Baby Center

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