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FRESH: Daily Beauty Guide

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For a busy woman on the go, it is a challenge to make sure that you completed your daily beauty regiment. How many times have you forgotten to add a moisturizer, style your hair, spray a sweet smelling perfume, etc.? It has happened to all busy women. To help you with your daily beauty, just remember this acronym FRESH (face, rouge, eyes, scent, and hair), so you wouldn't forget anything.

After you get out of the shower, the first thing you should start beautifying is your face. First, put moisturizer and anti wrinkle cream if needed onto your skin. Wait a few minutes. Then, add your concealer and foundation, so your face looks one color. Remember to pat your foundation and concealer to blend and never rub them in. Otherwise, you defeat the purpose of using foundation and concealer to hide unwanted blemishes, wrinkles, dark circles, age spots, etc. After you are finished, add some powder on top of your fountain and concealer. Remember your face at this point should look like a blank canvas.

Once your face is one color, now it's time to add some life. First, add blush or bronzer to parts of your face that the sun will hit such as cheeks, chin, forehead, and nose. Then, add lip gloss or lip stick to enhance your lips. If you plan to add more emphasis to your lips, pick darker colors. However if you want to bring out your eyes, deemphasize your lips by using pale neutral colors.

If you wear contact lenses, put them in before you even start applying your makeup. Otherwise if you are teary eyed, you may mess up your makeup. Once you added a base and color, it's time to make your eyes gorgeous. If you choose to stick with a soft color for your lips, you can add more color, eye liner, and mascara to your eyes. You want to stick with natural colors for eye shadow such as purple, pink, and browns. These colors are great for women who emphasized their lips. However if you have green, blue, or hazel eyes, you can add more trendy colors such as light green, pale blues, or soft yellows. Remember to blend your eye shadow and make sure it looks natural. Afterwards, you can add eye liner, which is perfect for going out at night. For eyeliner, you want natural colors such as black, brown, or violet. Then, put a light coating of black or brown mascara on your eye lashes. Now, you are finished with your makeup.

The next step is to add a scent such as a fragrance or perfume. When choosing a scent, you want something that is light smelling and compliments the season. Some seasonal scents are apples and pears for the fall, holiday berries and peppermints for the winter, flowers and strawberries for the spring, and ocean and watermelon for the summer. Regardless of what scents you choose, just be careful not to purchase strong scents that make others sneeze because they may not want to be near you. After you picked a scent that is appropriate for the season and others, you can apply it to your wrists and/or neck.

Finally if you are in a hurry, your hair should brush and comb your hair before styling it with a flat iron, blower dryer, and/or curling iron. However if it is a nice day out and you can wait an hour to leave your home, you can always towel dry your hair and let the heat dry it. After you are done styling your hair, you may want to brush it again to put it up or leave it down. You can also add any other hair products such as anti frizz or volumizer for lasting affects.

If you are a busy woman on the go, FRESH (face, rouge, eyes, scent, and hair) should help you remember your daily beauty care. If you want to save money on your next beauty purchase visit our make up coupons and free make up samples.

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