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Perfect Baby Gifts for New and Expecting Parents

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What do you get someone who is new to parenthood or expecting? There are many different baby products and baby stuff you can get for gifts. Don't feel obligated to get expensive cribs and diaper changing tables. Instead, you can get other baby essentials to help out the new parents without breaking the bank.

Baby Odds & Ends
Every new parent needs baby knick knacks to make their lives easier. Burp cloths are great for catching that extra gunk. (You can never have too many burp cloths.) Pacifiers are perfect for when the baby is teething or crying. For the parent on the go, you can give them baby carriers, which are great for multitasking. They can take care of the baby and doing household work at the same time. Look for these odds and ends that in fun colors to brighten up the babies and parents' lives.

Baby Safety
Some parents may overlook purchasing baby safety equipment, which is very important to have. Monitors are crucial for those late night feedings and checking on the baby. Gates and outlet covers should be placed all over the parent's home, so they can prevent wondering toddlers from getting into trouble. When a baby travels to his/her grandparents or other relatives' homes, the parents should bring extra gates and outlet covers with them. It's okay to get a few extra safety supplies. There are many cases of toddlers falling down the steps, getting into toxic household supplies, or electrocuting themselves. Don't underestimate how many safety items the parents need.

Baby Toys
When there is a baby around, toys are necessities to keep the little one occupied. Swings and bouncers help babies' legs become stronger for walking. An activity center or playmats are great for babies to learn coordination skills. You can even give stuff animals because babies love them, and can't have too many. Look for toys are age appropriate for the baby, so you wouldn't buy him/her something too young or too old.

Baby Entertainment
CDs, DVDs, and books are great tools for baby's to learn their languages. Look for items that are colorful with catchy tunes or stories, so babies could listen and watch them repeatedly.

Baby Clothing
Babies are always outgrowing their clothes. New parents are constantly buying new clothes to keep up with their every growing baby. When shopping for baby clothes, look for masculine colors such as blue, green, or yellow for boys and feminine colors such as soft pinks and purples. You want to consider the season before choosing the size for the baby. For example if the baby is 6 months and it's the beginning of winter, you don't want to buy an outfit for the summer that will fit a 6 month old. Otherwise, the baby will already have outgrown it. Instead, you would buy an outfit that will fit a 10-13 month old.

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