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Halloween Safety Tips 101

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Halloween is a very unique holiday for both adults and kids. It's important that when your kids are trick or treating that you follow safety guidelines, so everyone can have a fun and safe Halloween.

Bring Flashlights
Before you take your kids out to trick or treat, make sure you and your kids each have a flash light, so you can locate the walkways, steps, and any other obstacles. It's a good idea to bring extra batteries with you just in case if your batteries wear out.

Inspect the candy
Don't allow your kids to eat candy while they are trick or treating. Instead, wait until you return home (in a well lighted room); so, you can inspect each candy wrapper to determine if it has been previously opened. If you see any open candy, immediately discard it.

Cross the Street in a Safe Manner
When crossing the street, make sure that everyone holds hands and look both ways before crossing. If crossing a busy street, always use cross walks and lights; therefore, you and your children can get safely across.

Wear "Safe" Costumes
Hand-me-down costumes are great way to save money, but make sure they fit your kids before trick or treating. Small and oversized costumes are hazardous for children to wear be they are more likely to trip and fall due since the costume does not fit them. Sometimes, it may be better to purchase costumes instead of borrowing them, so you can make sure they fit your kids. In addition to well fitting costumes, make sure the costumes are flame resistant, so you can prevent fire hazards. Finally, make sure that props are made from soft rubbers and plastic especially and weapons, wands, and pitch forks. This way, you can prevent your children from getting hurt.

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