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Before Dating, Know Your Complete Self.

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When you been in a long relationship and/or never dated much, it's a challenge to get back into the dating scene. Before you even attempt to meet other singles through friends, work, gatherings, or even the internet, you should get to know yourself first. Even if you think that you know yourself well, you can be missing criteria and unique traits that are apart of you.

How do you get to know yourself?
There are two things that make of yourself your inner self and your outer self. The inner self is what you think about yourself, and the outer self is what others think of you.

How do you find your inner and outer self?
The inner self is easy because it is something that you can quickly accomplish. First, write down some qualities that you see in yourself on a piece of paper such as likes, dislikes, best features, personality, hobbies, goals, or other important attributes. After you finish, you will have an idea of what your inner self is.

To find your outer self, you should ask honest family and friends what they think your likes, dislikes, best features, or any other categories you have on your inner self list. Don't forget to take notes and listen to your friends objectively because they are trying to help you discover your outer self.

Finally, you want to grab a clean piece of paper that is separate from both of your inner self and your outer self lists. This separate list is your complete self which is compromised by both your inner and outer self. Look at both lists and see if any attributes repeat one another. After you combine the lists together, you have an idea of the type of person you are. Then, you are ready to meet singles and be able to talk more about yourself.

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