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Reduce Printer Ink and Save Money

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When buying a laptop or computer, you want those extra peripherals to enhance your experience such as mouse, keyboard, external hard drive, printer, etc. The most expensive peripheral to maintain is usually your printer since they require ink. If you always use your printer, you have to continue to purchase ink cartridges to allow them to function. However, there are ways that will prevent you from constantly buying ink cartridges and to save money when you need to purchase them.

Adjusting Your Printer to Draft Mode
If you don't need your document or pictures to have good quality, you should adjust your printer to draft mode. It's very simple to change your setting. Just go to the printer options and change it from normal to draft. Now, you will use less ink when printing.

Using a Black Only Laser Printer
When you use a black only printer, you only need 1 printer cartridge instead of 3 or 4. A black only printer is perfect for the person who types word documents or spreadsheets that requires no color. If you are this type of person, you should consider investing in a black only laser printer, so you can benefit from saving ink.

Printing in Color When Necessary
When you are printing pictures for an important occasion, you shouldn't be cheap and put your printer in draft mode or use a black only laser printer. Your pictures will turn out to be unrecognizable and gritty. Instead, you should consider printing in color since this is the right time to do so. It's okay to print in color if it's absolutely necessary. However if you need to print word documents or spreadsheets, just switch to mode to draft or your printer to your black only laser printer.

Purchasing From
Finally when you need more ink, you can save money by purchasing it through third party ink sellers than the manufacturer. is a reputable third party ink company that sells all of the major brands and colors of ink and toners for up to 85% off. By shopping at not only do you save money, you can also get free shipping on your order and save money with 123 inkjets coupons.

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