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Parents Should Test Videogames Before Their Kids Do!

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Remember the days of Space Invaders and Centipede for Atari and Mario and Pouch Out for Nintendo. These games were simple and non violent, which is perfect for the family. However, the days of very simple videogames has come to end because now videogames are more sophisticated with graphics, technology, and even story lines. Some videogames have incorporated realistic violence and adult themes, which may be okay for adults to play, but no okay for children. This is why parents should research and test videogames before they purchase them for children.

Research Videogames
First, parents should conduct some research before they purchase videogames. The best method of finding up to date information is through the internet. Parents should look for videogame reviews by visiting popular videogame stores, videogames message boards, videogames blog, etc. to determine if the videogame has strong violence and types of adult themes. This will give parents a good understanding of a particular game; however, parents' research should not stop here.

Test Videogames
Testing the videogame will give you insight on a particular videogame than only relying on message boards, reviews, and rumors. Parents will get first hand experience on the type of violence and adult themes. The best way of testing videogames is by renting them. At GameFly, you can rent and test videogames for your children. GameFly will send you videogames of your choice through the mail, so it is delivered right to your door. It is so easy and simple to test as many videogames you want.

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After testing the game, you can make a better decision whether a particular videogame is okay for your children to play. If the game passes your test, you can even buy the videogame along with videogame book and videogame case for up to 50% less than other gaming stores. However if the game does not pass the test, you simply just put it back in the prepaid postage envelope and send it back to GameFly. Then, GameFly will send you another videogame to test for your approval.

By testing videogames, you will encourage your children to play videogames that are appropriate for their age groups.

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