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Before You Shop for a Computer or Notebook, Understand Basic Computer Jargon

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CPU? RAM? Do you think they are just letters of the alphabet or something to do with computers? If you guessed they have something to do with a computer, you are correct. Not understanding what these basic computer terms can prevent you from making educated decisions on choosing a notebook or computer. Before you even think about shopping for a notebook or computer, you should understand the basic terms and lingo.

What Is CPU?
A CPU stands for central processing unit, which acts as the brain of the computer. It is important when you look at computers that you purchase one with a name brand CPU with high speed. When you look at CPU brands, you want one with a well known reputation that has been in the market for quite sometime. As for the speed of the CPU, CPU speed is measured in GHz. The higher the GHz the faster your computer will run.

What Is RAM?
RAM is the acronym for random access memory, which keeps computers running fast. The more RAM you have the faster your computer will run. RAM only works and functions when your computer is on because it stores temporary files and runs your programs, operating system, etc. In other words, RAM is similar to a person's short term memory because it remembers every task you perform until it is turned off. If RAM did not clear itself when you turned off the computer, it will store so much useless data that it will eventually overload and crash. This is why is it important to shut down your computer occasionally since you will clear the RAM. Thus, your computer will run faster.

What Is Hard Drive?
A Hard Drive stores data, which allows you to access important files. The hard drive is the computer's long term memory. Unlike the RAM, which stores unimportant temporary files, a hard drive stores files that matter to you. Every time you save a word document, pictures, movies, etc, they are stored on your hard drive. The amount of storage the hard drive has is measured in GB, which means the higher the GBs the more information you can store.

Now, you know the basics of computer jargon. You can shop easily for your notebook or computer. The best way of getting computers and notebooks for less is by saving money with computer discount coupons.

You can browse through the most popular brand of computers and save money with the latest online computer deals. Since you know the basics, you can easily pick out which computer will fit your needs.

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