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How Wrinkles Are Form By the Sun

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We have seen the affects of people using baby oil to tan in the sun or visiting tanning booths. You may have noticed the affects of these people's skin with premature wrinkles. How does the sun affect your skin to cause that much damage? Before you take the necessary steps to protect yourself from the sun, it's important to understand how wrinkles are form.

What are UV Rays?
There are three types of UV Rays that the sun generates which are UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVC rays are weak rays that are mostly absorb by the ozone. On the other hand UVA and UVB are much stronger and can cause skin damage with overexposure. UVB affects the outer layer of the skin, which is why it's the culprit of sunburn. However, UVA is known to cause the most skin damage because it can penetrate through the top layer. This is why it's important to protect your skin from these harmful UVA and UVB rays. Otherwise, you could have irreversible skin damage.

How Do They Form Wrinkles?
Since you know what UV rays are, how do they form wrinkles? UV rays damage collagen fibers and produces abnormal elastin. Therefore, the abnormal elastin attempts to repair skin damage by releasing an enzyme called metalloproteinase. However, this enzyme does not repair skin well. In fact, it will actually break apart collagen fibers that may have originally generated the abnormal elastins, which produced metalloproteinase to begin with. In other words when your collagen is broken, it causes wrinkles. This is why the sun influences aging.

How you ever seen a teenager, who is constantly tanning? Notice how he/she may develop premature wrinkles such as laugh lines, forehead lines, or even crows feet around the eyes. This is because of the over exposure to UV rays from the sun or tanning booths.

How To Prevent the Sun's Affects?
First, do not excessively tan in the sun or use tanning booths. They will exposure you to more UV rays. Secondly when you are outside, use at least a 15 SPF sunscreen even on cloudy days and in the winter. Just because it is colder doesn't mean that the sun is not radiating UV rays. Third of all, put extra sunscreen on when you are near water, sand, and even snow because they reflect UV rays. In addition, wear sunglasses that filter the majority of UV rays, so you can protect both delicate skin around the eyes and your eye sight. Finally, you can also block UV rays from hitting your face by wearing a wide brim cap or hat.

How Do You Minimize Existing Wrinkles?
However if you have wrinkles whether you got them from the sun, genetics, or aging, you can use a topical anti aging cream instead of painful botox injections to help make your skin appear smoother. We have plenty of beauty coupons, so you can try anti aging creams at discounted prices.

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